Re: Uvulaectomies...why are they performed?

Bryant (
24 Oct 1996 08:29:11 -0600

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>I am a public health grad student and one of my professor's (also a
>medical doctor), told me about a wierd "custom" that seems to be centered in
>the African country of Chad. Doctors there apparently perform a lot of
>"uvulectomies", that is the removal of the uvulae, that thing that hangs
>down in the middle of your rear palate. He said the figures indicate it is
>done on more females than males.

Interesting. Are cliterodectomies performed in Chad? I don't know off
hand, but the (spoken) rationale for that practice is to remove "male"
appendages from women. Maybe this figures in somehow to uvulectomies, as
you suggest.