Wired Memes Debate

Aaron Lynch (aaron@mcs.net)
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 14:43:57 -0500

Wired Magazine is sponsoring a debate titled "Memes: Self-Replicants or
Mysticism?" I will represent the pro-memetics side, and Richard Barbrook
will represent the anti-memetics side. I lead off and Barbrook replies,
for a total of four statements on each side. You can watch the debate at
http://www.wired.com/braintennis , and no, we will not be wearing

With the publication of my book THOUGHT CONTAGION, the Library of
Congress now officially recognizes memetics as a distinct branch of
knowledge in the LC catalog system. The word "memetics" still isn't in
American dictionaries yet, so they are calling it "Contagion (Social

--Aaron Lynch