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Sat, 19 Oct 1996 19:58:40 +0000

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> Help!
> I am writing a paper on the evolution of contraception and the cultural
> values attached to it around the world. There used to be a primitive
> culture somewhere in the world which prevented conception by having the
> men dip their testicles in hot water before sex. The heat destroyed
> their sperm, making them temporarily sterile. Does anyone know the name
> and location of this culture or tribe? Thank you for your help.

I heard of this many years ago but it was the Japavese. Men soaked in a
hip-bath, a kind of spoon-shaped tub where you are covered with water from
maybe your navel to mid-thigh. Soak in hot, hot hot water. I thought it
was 120 deg, but it must be less, that hot would probably kill you. Hot
water baths are popular in Japan, anyway. I read they caused temporary
sterility, but not they were designed for it.
I may have seen pictures of these tubs around in Victorian times also,
so I may be mistaken about Japan.

Tom Schmal