Re: Fucking J.D., fucking criminals

Sunknight (
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 00:28:00 -0700

Peter Stephen Thomas III wrote:
> Sunknight ( wrote:
> : They're lower animal!!! And through them I know that this earth will
> : becomes worse and worse and eventually will be destroyed! Damn! How can
> : such few intelligent people save this worth while too many fucking
> : idiots out there!?
> : p.s. forgive my anger please! Angry because of love.
> Ah, another tragic example of what happens when people drink and surf the
> 'Net at the same time.
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Sorry everybody! I posted that message because I've hit by many J.D. in
a Chinese karaoke restaurant 3 semesters ago. AND just last week one of
my best friend and many guys who I know in school became members of an
illegal gang, and they seem very happy because they thought that the big
brother of the gang respected of their "courage" and let them to be
"members"! Damn!(sorry, but even the worst word or sentence in this
world can't express my anger and disappointment.) I don't know what I
can do. The primary reason I study in psychology is to help myself and
other people practically. Yet it seems that no any science or religion
can really help people completely. In fact, many people just glad to be
"bad guys". (By the way, most of them are rich people and they don't
need to struggle for living or somthing else!)
p.s. sorry for my bad English. It's my second language.