Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Ekki Nykkinen (
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 09:23:53 GMT

Laura Finsten <> wrote:

> () wrote:
>>In article <540ejq$>, Bryant <> wrote:

>[...] A re-remeasurement found that Gould's
>>>errors were larger than Morton's, and that Morton's errors went in the
>>>opposite direction from what Gould had claimed.

>>Thank you for this information. Do you have a cite? Alas, it is page 37
>>news, while Gould's article was page 1 news.

>I too would be most interested in a citation for this.

>>>>> >2. Brain size has nothing whatever to do with IQ.
>>>>> There is no evidence to the contrary.

>>>This is mistaken. There is a robust, highly significant relationship
>>>between brain size and IQ within the normal range of cranial capacities.

>I would also be most interested in a citation for the argument that
>there is a highly significant relationship between brain size and IQ
>among members of the modern human species (Homo sapiens sapiens).

The studies that have been done show some correlation between relative
brainsize as messured with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and the
result on a standardized IQ-test. In his book "Race, Evolution and
Behaviour" J.P Rushton mentions four (corr. between
0.3 and 0.5), but one recent study, published in 1994 October issue of
"Personality and Individual Differences", that was done on British
white male soldiers, found a correlation of 0.66. The correlation
possibly varies with how well the estimator used messures innate


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