Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Laura Finsten (
17 Oct 1996 11:50:35 GMT () wrote:
>In article <540ejq$>, Bryant <> wrote:

[...] A re-remeasurement found that Gould's
>>errors were larger than Morton's, and that Morton's errors went in the
>>opposite direction from what Gould had claimed.

>Thank you for this information. Do you have a cite? Alas, it is page 37
>news, while Gould's article was page 1 news.

I too would be most interested in a citation for this.

>>>> >2. Brain size has nothing whatever to do with IQ.

>>>> There is no evidence to the contrary.

>>This is mistaken. There is a robust, highly significant relationship
>>between brain size and IQ within the normal range of cranial capacities.

I would also be most interested in a citation for the argument that
there is a highly significant relationship between brain size and IQ
among members of the modern human species (Homo sapiens sapiens).


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