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Wed, 16 Oct 1996 20:17:02 +0100

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>In article <>, Martin Dann
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>> >Space colonies, a terraformed Mars, entire sequences of DNA transformed
>> >into algorithms and living in "hardware worlds" -- where will it end?
>> In tears, as my mother used to say.
>> >Will it end?
>> To think it won't is the ultimate human arrogance!
>Jeez, Martin, if we wanted to know what your momma told you we'd go out to
>the farm for some apple pie and do it properly.

Well jeez, Adam. Don't you know when someone is not being exactly
> If the expectation of
>infinite human progress is 'ultimate arrogance' then let's be ultimately
>arrogant; it's old cassandras like your momma who end up preferring
>cockroaches to people.

Nah, she prefers people, spit roasted, cut nice and thick and served
with a good robust red wine.

You don't have to prefer cockroaches to people to accept that humans as
a race *are* arrogant. I'm not talking about individuals, who are all as
sweet natured and modest as you and I Adam ;), but the history of
humanity does rather suggest a degree of arrogance. Maybe we are growing
up now. Let's hope it is quickly enough.

Martin Dann