Re: Most homogeneous city?

jacob heisler (
15 Oct 1996 20:37:41 GMT

Charles Packer ( wrote:
> At a food festival here in Washington, D.C. I was struck by
> the racial and physiognomic diversity of the crowd, even
> though, as a long-time resident, I've come to take the
> multicultural nature of the city for granted. Now, I wonder,
> where in the U.S. or Canada could one have the _opposite_
> experience, that is, be in a crowd in which everyone looked
> alike? My guess is that it would most likely be on an Indian
> reservation, or possibly in some small city in the Midwest or
> South founded by some close-knit immigrant group. Can anybody
> suggest specific candidates for the most homogeneous city in
> USA/Canada?

I would have to say Sarnia Ont. Canada. The people of this small
city are all most all (90%) of european decent. Growing up their I only
saw non-whites as they passed through the city or lived in port-huron on
the state side of the river. (bordering cities)

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