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16 Oct 1996 01:37:07 GMT

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>: 1. Salt Lake City, UT -- my general impression when there is
usually>: lots of people with blond hair and big teeth;
>I did observe people in SLC are usually with blonde hair, but big
teeth?>(I did meet a Japanese guide in the Mormon Temple area). Hope
this is>not your stereotype against the Mormons. I am not a Mormon but
I believe>some SLC residents might feel your words offensive.

Yes, I felt there were lots of big teeth. If people find this
offensive, perhaps they are oversensitive. I did not criticize their
religion, say they were ugly, call them morons, or anything else. Big
teeth are a fact of life, and not to be criticized any more than one
would criticize the sky for being blue. I am not crazy about the
history of the Mormon church (ie, past racism, current heterosexism)
but most of the Mormons I know are delightful, caring, warm people who
make wonderful friends and family. I have nothing against Mormons
>: 2. Boise, ID (more white people);
>: 3. Monterey Park, CA (mostly Chinese-American).
>The word "mostly" might be strong, but yes, Monterey Park might be the
>first (and probably currently the only) US city with more Chinese
Americans>than the other ethnic group. However, the word "mostly"
could give people>a false impression. Even this, Montey Park should
fail to qualify for>the "homogeneous" definition.

Yes, Monterey Park does have sizeable Latino and even white
populations. But as you yourself, agree, it is mostly Chinese. Don't
get me wrong--I am not criticizing. I think Monterey Park is wonderful
and used to visit there a lot when I lived in Los Angeles.
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