Sharpening the question (was Re: Most homogeneous city?)

Charles Packer (
15 Oct 1996 01:39:22 GMT

In article <>,
DaveHatunen <> wrote:
>Maybe you'd care to hone a somewhat sharper question.

I kept my question vague because I wanted a whole lot of
replies that I could then filter for relevance myself :-)

At any rate, I wasn't thinking only of skin color, but also of
body types and facial characteristics. There are communities
in which these features vary less around a "typical" set than
they do in other communities.The amount of variation is
probably inversely related to the degree of cultural or
geographic isolation of the community that would limit
opportunities for crossbreeding.

So I'm wondering where we can find communities of maximumm
size but minimum variation, confining our search to the US
or Canada.

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