Sacrd African Plant

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14 Oct 1996 16:07:13 -0400

headline from the City Sun, Brooklyn, New York's largest Black owned
weekly newspaper. Authors, Brother Shine, Rommell Washington, CSW and
Raquel S. Rogers provide the first review for the non scientist of
Ibogaine, a medication found in the rain forests of West Central Africa.

The story covers the history, the science, the politics and the growing
participation of African Americans in research and demanding availability
of this experimental medication for addicts - experimental to the
developed nations that is. Traditional African medical societies and
religions have used Ibogaine containing plants for centuries. On
researcher stated, "Gabon is to Africa what Tibet is to Asia, the
spiritual center of religious initiation."

This story is a must read to gain an understanding of the relationship
between drugs, minority communities and unethical medical experimentation
carried out against Blacks - What the government is doing and what the
government is not doing.

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