Re: Most homogeneous city?

Tung-chiang Yang (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 06:45:49 GMT

Sibyl ( wrote:

: 1. Salt Lake City, UT -- my general impression when there is usually
: lots of people with blond hair and big teeth;

I did observe people in SLC are usually with blonde hair, but big teeth?
(I did meet a Japanese guide in the Mormon Temple area). Hope this is
not your stereotype against the Mormons. I am not a Mormon but I believe
some SLC residents might feel your words offensive.

: 2. Boise, ID (more white people);
: 3. Monterey Park, CA (mostly Chinese-American).

The word "mostly" might be strong, but yes, Monterey Park might be the
first (and probably currently the only) US city with more Chinese Americans
than the other ethnic group. However, the word "mostly" could give people
a false impression. Even this, Montey Park should fail to qualify for
the "homogeneous" definition.

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Tung-chiang Yang

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