Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human? (Sardonic Diatribe)

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Sun, 13 Oct 1996 11:59:52 +1000

On 10 Oct 1996, David L Evens wrote:

> Theodore A. Holden ( wrote:
> : Adam Price <> wrote:
> : >As long as we have Darwin in stocks for creating evolution, I would like
> : >to get some thing off of my chest about Mr. Newton. It is because of
> : >that blasphemer that we are all landlocked. If not for his evil
> : >discovery, gravity, we would not be condemned to spend all our lives
> : >watching birds from below and dropping our toothpaste into the toilet.
> : >Speaking of toilets, if it wasn't for Thomas Crapper, I would not have
> : >to go to the bathroom right now.
> : >....
> : There are two gigantic differences which squash the rather primitive
> : analogy which you are trying to make.
> : One is that Newton discovered a real fact of the natural world and did a fairly
> : reasonable job of describing it for his day. Darwin did not. His thesis (that
> : the kinds of microevolutionary change which we observe in a schnauzer
> : being bred into a terrier or a finch with one sort of beak changing into a
> : finch with another kind of beak can explain the rise of all of our present
> : lifeforms from the most simple to the most complex) was known by breeders
> : to be fatally flawed when it was proposed and has been blown apart by several
> : excellent books which have been published in the last 10 years or so.
> : Michael Behe's "Darwin's Black Box" and Alexander Mebane's "Darwin's
> : Creation Myth" would do for starters.
> No, they are clearly not the 'excelent books' you pretend exist.
> : The other difference is that nothing in Newton's description of gravity could
> : be said to have caused any marked worsening of human conduct. Darwin's
> : theory has done that and the outcome was altogether predictable. Certainly
> : there were villians, blackguards, hoodlums, neerdowells and whatnot before
> : Darwin, but they always felt BAD about it. Those people went to bed every
> : night thinking "Gee, you know, I really am an asshole, and I probably ought to
> : try to do something about it..." Their conduct and the harm they caused was
> : thus kept within limits and, occasionally, one of them would mend his ways
> : altogether or, as in the case of Andrew Carnegie, leave all of his money to
> : worthy and just causes.
> Accoridng to you, he did not, as he did, amoungst other things, set up a
> university where REALITY (as opposed to religions idiocy) is studied.
> : Darwin walked into the picture and told every one of those types, all over
> : the world, that the <survival of the fittest> was the only moral law in
> : nature, i.e. that they could feel GOOD about being assholes. The results
> : are obvious in any reading of the history of this century.
> Yes, we have religious idiots like yourself commiting genocide...oops, we
> had that all along.
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What a lot of rubish!!
Darwin diden't create evolution ..GOD did!
Darwin and Wallace simply reported their observations of faunal