Re: Sex drive: sensual vs. reproductive: any thoughts?

planetz (
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 17:38:45 -0500

Jeff Mach wrote:
> Hello. I'm looking for ideas in the study of the human sex
> drive with respect to the idea of a "sensual" sex drive (sex as a
> desire for pleasure) versus a "reproductive" (sex as an instinct for
> progeniture, "immortality through children", etc.)--and thoughts on
> sex drive as a biologically-driven, non-mental function.
> Does anyone have any thoughts? Could anyone suggest work on
> the subjects?
> -Jeff Mach
> Rutgers University

Well... sex is really only one very complex thing... not both pleasure
or reprodction. Other than that sex is somthing we are all interested
in and a fascinating subject to ponder. Read "What's Love Got to Do
with It?", "The Evolution of Human Mating" by Meredity F Small.
Small is Associate Professor of Anthro. at Cornell... Small is
thoughtfull, insightfull as well as rather sexy -- I thought -- in her
way cool survay of the evolution of our sexuality.