sex crimes

Sherrie (
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 12:24:51 -0700

So, first what definition of sex crime are we using?...and gentle
persons, rape is only reported as cross gender....there's plenty of
within-gender or homosexual assault....did any of you see "The Prince of
Tides" I know us academic types don't go to the movies often, but
.....when film becomes cliche in the general popular language, we as
social scientists must try to separate our prejudices and incorporate
the truths the cliches reveal. As to the assertion that sexualization
of children has been ok'd in some societies, we might look well to our
own Congress and Senate's "Page Program"....or Brooke Shields early
career, Calvin Klein's advertising, rather than insult Islam, whom I
admit to be ignorant of and without good basis in fact I am not willing
to accuse. What my learned colleague asks about pedofilia is a central
question, a very lot of crime is committed in the USA presently by
people who assert that they were sexually violated as children. After
all, what is the general profile of the serial killer? I know it's ugly
subject matter, but I'd like to see some true work at finding some data
and letting it out into the universe of knowledge for salient
discussion, analysis and eventual treatment modalities which take the
naked (no pun intended) truth into account and not simply the
propagandized surface of "Cross Gender Assault"? Was there evidence of
pedofiles in other cultures which translated into the horrific aftermath
we are seeing ( a good question.)? What is a pedofile? What
constitutes a sex crime? Are there other affects from the behavior
other than one might see in any affliction of trauma? There in these
elementary, simplistic queries are universes to be etched and digested,
and the ultimate goal of scholarship is to produce that clean little
kernel of truth