12 Oct 1996 14:37:52 GMT

Martin Dann ( wrote:

: My speciality, dear boy;). Give me a cliche and I'll hackney it for you!
: Seriously, I was simply being cautious. You say "I believe we will
: prevail". I say "IMO there's a strong possibility we won't". I don't
: think you should have a monopoly on beliefs or opinions Czar.

(Laughs) Touche!

: How did *you* arrive at this optimistic view that despite all the signs
: we *aren't* going to screw up and make the planet uninhabitable for
: anything but simple organisms?

By my sometimes-worse-than-heroin habit of reading science-fiction. In
SF literature even the most depressingly dystopian future contains the
element of hope -- that the future is something we can *make*, not
something that just happens.

: > Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as an oncoming train, are we?

: Perhaps "we" are Czar, but at least this "we" won't be the silly bugger
: still shouting 'free at last' when the train hits him :).

Agreed, then! -- You proceed with a caution that would make a paranoid
tortise look reckless, I'll be the one shouting "Damn the torpedos...!",
and maybe between us we'll make up a sane person.

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