11 Oct 1996 13:44:28 GMT

Martin Dann ( wrote:
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: >Someone once said that intelligence is not the ability to solve problems,
: >but the ability to *create* them. Yes, we may speculate that all manner
: >of "simple" organism may "out-exist" us, but our ability to alter our
: >environment, and the growing ability to alter ourselves will, I believe,
: >prevail. Quite frankly, rats and cockroaches have *nothing* on us.

: Except, IMO, a strong possibility that they will (as species) outlive us
: all. The ability to alter our environment is a double edged sword
: (deforestation, global warming etc).

And how did you arrive at this "strong possibility"? Hackneyed cliches!

: >Space colonies, a terraformed Mars, entire sequences of DNA transformed
: >into algorithms and living in "hardware worlds" -- where will it end?

: In tears, as my mother used to say.

Aww, isn't that cute -- "My mommy says...". What a sad life you must have/
must now lead to be so pessimistic (sp?). I much prefer to be a cynical

: >Will it end?

: To think it won't is the ultimate human arrogance!

...Or the ultimate human self-confidence. Seeing the light at the end of
the tunnel as an oncoming train, are we?

The Earth is the cradle of mankind. But one cannot
stay in the cradle forever.
-Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

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