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>: >Someone once said that intelligence is not the ability to solve problems,
>: >but the ability to *create* them. Yes, we may speculate that all manner
>: >of "simple" organism may "out-exist" us, but our ability to alter our
>: >environment, and the growing ability to alter ourselves will, I believe,
>: >prevail. Quite frankly, rats and cockroaches have *nothing* on us.
>: Except, IMO, a strong possibility that they will (as species) outlive us
>: all. The ability to alter our environment is a double edged sword
>: (deforestation, global warming etc).

>And how did you arrive at this "strong possibility"? Hackneyed cliches!

My speciality, dear boy;). Give me a cliche and I'll hackney it for you!
Seriously, I was simply being cautious. You say "I believe we will
prevail". I say "IMO there's a strong possibility we won't". I don't
think you should have a monopoly on beliefs or opinions Czar. How did
*you* arrive at this optimistic view that despite all the signs we
*aren't* going to screw up and make the planet uninhabitable for
anything but simple organisms?
>: >Space colonies, a terraformed Mars, entire sequences of DNA transformed
>: >into algorithms and living in "hardware worlds" -- where will it end?
>: In tears, as my mother used to say.
>Aww, isn't that cute -- "My mommy says...". What a sad life you must have/
>must now lead to be so pessimistic (sp?). I much prefer to be a cynical
Sorry, that was supposed to be a little light irony. I guess it was a
bit too English for you. (And if my life is sad, then I don't want to be
happy thanks) (oh, that is not supposed to be taken seriously either!).
>: >Will it end?
>: To think it won't is the ultimate human arrogance!
>...Or the ultimate human self-confidence.

Well, fair enough - one persons ultimate self confidence is another's
arrogance - is there a difference?
> Seeing the light at the end of
>the tunnel as an oncoming train, are we?
Perhaps "we" are Czar, but at least this "we" won't be the silly bugger
still shouting 'free at last' when the train hits him :).

Martin Dann