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Gerold Firl wrote:
> In article <>, Sharyn Woodcock <> writes:
> |> On 30 Sep 1996, Joseph S Grossberg wrote:
> |> > is everyone assuming that men/Aborigines/homo sapiens sapiens created the
> |> > rock art? Could not have a hominid slightly "lower" than (and
> |> > subsequently supplanted by) mankind have created the art?
> |> This theory may sound well and good until one looks aa little
> |> closer --- there are no ape species in the whole of Sahul (Australasia)
> |> for
> |> a Hominid to have evolved from. There has always been an expanse of water
> |> to be crossed which involved the use of technology. That the Aboriginal
> |> people of Australia are exactly that,, The original inhabitants of
> |> Australia cannot be so easily explained away. It is simply that they have
> |> been here a lot longer than was previosly believed.
> Actually, there have been a couple of "ape" species present in the
> Sahul (?) prior to the appearance of h. sap. sap; homo erectus and
> archaic h. sapiens. The only question is, did they manage to get across
> the straits to australia? If pre-100,000 bp dates are correct, then it
> appears that they did.
> Has australia always been surrounded by water? Have any of the
> glaciation events brought sea levels low enough to allow an easy
> crossing? H. erectus has been in java for a long time; say, about a
> million years. If they could get to java, australia doesn't seem out of
> the question.
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