Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human? (Sardonic Diatribe)

Dan Maurer (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 00:32:04 GMT

Adam Price <> blabbed about incessently:

|/|As long as we have Darwin in stocks for creating evolution, I would like
|/|to get some thing off of my chest about Mr. Newton. It is because of
|/|that blasphemer that we are all landlocked. If not for his evil
|/|discovery, gravity, we would not be condemned to spend all our lives
|/|watching birds from below and dropping our toothpaste into the toilet.
|/|Speaking of toilets, if it wasn't for Thomas Crapper, I would not have
|/|to go to the bathroom right now.

pure satire. . .wonderful

|/| If you think that evolution is somehow "finished", I agree!! For that
|/|matter, gravity is also finished. When I look around, it seems that
|/|everything that isn't somehow suspended or in flight is stuck to the
|/|ground. It must be that gravity has run it's course and now has us all
|/|pasted down. What comes next?? Will be shrunken to doll-sized replicas
|/|of our current selves? Will gravity turn around and start pushing us
|/|away, just as surely as it has spent the last {{age of earth unknown}}
|/|years sucking us in?

I think the earth may as well shove us away, well, ill be in a cave
standing on its roof. . .

|/| I guess what I am getting at is that evolution is neither an entity
|/|nor an event. It does not choose to have the dinosaurs die out. It did
|/|not "happen" to them. Evolution is merely a descriptor for the tendency
|/|of species distribution to change as some strains die and others
|/|proliferate. As The left grows stronger, the center moves left.

yes, yes. . .

|/| You know, If evolution were "done", this would necessarily be a
|/|perfect, static world. We could expect no changes in climate, or
|/|technology for. . .ever! If you do think climates, or technology will
|/|change, then you must agree that the creatures and humans best suited to
|/|those conditions will thrive. Then those not suited (like myself, and
|/|probably you too) will not thrive. Eventually, as resources run scarce,
|/|folks like us who consume enough for an entire third world village, will
|/|find there is nothing left to use up and we will dissappear. (Don't
|/|worry though, that isn't coming soon. First we have to go through the
|/|transition period where there are some resources for us to consume, but
|/|there is intense competition for them.

umm, that IS happening


|/|p.s. Don't blame religion for war. Blame people. Blame yourself.
|/|Blame your neighbor. Argue about whose fault war is. Get in heated
|/|discussions on the internet. Leave your house in a bad mood. Honk at
|/|someone. He will honk at someone else. You have just started a war.

true, chaos theory in real life situations

|/|Atheists have always found an excuse to fight when they felt like
|/|fighting, just as have the devout.

That is sheer poetry, sheer poetry, man. Dispite my own atheist ass.

Well, as for evolution beyond human, it is HAPPENING. According to
the past, there has been a steady increase in

1 hight (sp). People are simply taller than they were on average 100
years ago (no offense to short people)

2. Hair loss. There has been on average less hair on our persons,
moving farter away from apes. . .

3 IQ increase. I know this one may be a little hard to believe, but
slowly people are getting to be smarter, with the obvious exceptions
on either side of the sectrum of plato, socreties, and like it or not
jeasus had to be a genius, and there are some low iqs today, you know,
the president always, no matter who it is, loses 30 iq points as soon
as he joins the race, 15 more at nomintaion, and then all the rest
when he actually gets sworn in (Judge: I, state your name. Prez:I
bill your name) of course he gains this all back plus some when he
goes on the lecture circuit after retireing. . .

All this is assuming you believe in evolution. And, of course, i
could be wrong. . .


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