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11 Oct 1996 02:41:41 GMT

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> > > Cross gender assault exists in Western and non-Western cultures alike.
> > > However, any attempt to discuss sexual homicide would require a very
> > > precise definition of terms. All I can really say at this point is that
> > > it appears to be on the increase in contemporary America, at least as it
> > > is currently understood and defined by law enforcement authorities and the
> > > courts.
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> > I am specifically interested in whether it is only in Western civilization
> > that pedophilia exists and is such a problem.
> No way. In some traditional Islamic cultures (I'm thinking specifically
> of North Africa) adult men and young boys commonly have sexual
> relations, and no one thinks much of it.
> Steve Barnard

As another Judeo-Christian religion based on the Old Testament, Islam does
not condone sex between men and boys, men and men, women and women or
unmarried men and women. If you have a reliable reference to the assertion
made above regarding "traditional Islamic cultures" please provide it. If
you cannot provide an authoritative reference then please desist from
making grossly ignorant comments about cultures, especially those to which
you do not subscribe, a habit which continues to give anthropologists a
bad reputation as insensitive racists.