Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

Hollenberg/Steeck (
9 Oct 1996 03:53:36 GMT

> Unfortunately you seem stuck with the notion that the human race AS IT IS
> is ALL IT CAN BE. In fact that is a bogus assumption, but I don't have
> for a lengthy essay on that topic.
> I like this one better: as part of the evolutionary process, men will
> eventually grow to have wings so they can fly about and not have to rely
> on autos and other forms of transportation. Unfortunately the problem
> that one is that the oil compaines have a vested interest in keeping
> AS THEY ARE so they can continue to rake in the cash... so if such
> evolutionary changes WERE to start coming about you can bet they would
> invest in drugs and things to keep it from happening. Oh well...
> David

How do you suppose the _environment_ for this structural evolution will be
brought about? Organisms don't evolve because they decide to, they do so
when the environment changes and they go through a population "bottleneck".
What possible survival value, in that scenario, would having wings bring?