Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

Brian Davison (
Wed, 09 Oct 1996 20:01:56 +0800

> For instance, Darwin's Origin of the Species was published in 1859 or
> thereabouts, while serious industrialism and robber-baron capitalism in America
> began with the arms industry at the time of the civil war and the vast expansion
> of the railroads after the civil war (65). Hence your claim that robber-baron
> capitalism preceeded Darwinism is idiotic. Likewise the opium wars occurred
> around the turn of the last century. Again, learn some facts and then worry
> about interrupting others with them.

Yes, but still, how on Earth are you going to link the opium wars to
Darwinism? Perhaps I am missing something here, but I can see no
connection between the two.

Remember also that there have been problems with opium for many
centuries, long before Darwin came on the scene...

> According to several of the alt.atheists, religion was responsible for
> uncontrolled and uncountable murder and evil all through history; you would
> logically expect conditions to return to the natural state of the golden age
> once religion was eliminated, at least amongst the intelligensia. Nonetheless,
> as we have seen, the end of religion and the rise of Darwinism has brought
> with it a series of wars and tragedies the likes of which has never been seen
> since the days of Chengis Khan.
How would you link these wars to Darwinism? You have not provided any
rationale to explain this. I could give you many reasons as to why the
World Wars occured, but none of them would include Darwinism.

> A recent news scene showed the father of a young girl who had been murdered
> telling the murderer to say hello to Hitler and several other such personages
> when he (the murderer) got to where he was going. I'd have included Charles
> Darwin in the little list.
Darwin did not commit any crimes as far as I know of. Certainly no
crimes on the scale of Hitler. But of course, science has always been a
crime for fanatic Christians such as yourself has'nt it?