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9 Oct 1996 02:58:38 GMT

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: > I wonder how many of you who make these claims have spent any time
: > working with this population. Well, How about it?
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: > Dale Pietrzak
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: I've been around schoolkids on tranquilizers, the retarded-on a
: variety of things- and in hospitals, including the psych wards, and with
: parolees/convicts.
: How about you?

I have established 3 clinics. I have worked in prisons with violent
offenders. I have worked with the severely mentally ill and chronically
mentally ill. I have a great deal of experience in this area.

: > -> This is a very silly thing to say. Schizophrenia, depression and
: > -> bipolar affective disorder are as real as death or money
: > No they're not.

I appreciate your opinion. But, if you notice, in actual practice even
Szasz treated the mentally ill in a basically traditional manner.

: > -Read Thomas Szasz: "The Myth of Mental Illness"
: > - "Ceremonial Chemistry" and others.
: >
: > -Read Paula Caplan on the DSM's creation: "They Call You Crazy"
: >
: > -People have, to quote Szasz, "problems in living" not "illnesses".

People also have mental illnesses. Here is a test. Where is your evidence
that any treatment can provide the level of recovery and degree of
functioning to the schizophrenic that medications do? Where are the

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