Re: terms

Sylvia T. Paldhan (
Sun, 06 Oct 1996 18:28:34 -0700

> A true 'Liberal Arts' education is a thing of the past, but then again
> so is the notion of consensus! Under which 'lyre' does one lend an
> ear?

Dear Robert,

I love the quotation below! Thankyou, I've saved it onto a file.

Cordially, Sylvia

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------> Mieczkowski, B. (1984). Bureaucracy, Ideology, Technology: Quality of life
> East and West. Association for the Study of the
> Nationalities (USSR and East Europe) Inc.
> "Those of us who believe in professionalism, decency, and maintenance
> of academic standards ought to take note of the disparity between
> theory and fact. The incongruities created by reliance on theories,
> as well as the decisions -- individual and collective -- made on their
> basis, frequently in total ignorance of facts, do not serve us well.