Re: terms

Silke-Maria Weineck (
7 Oct 1996 16:37:07 GMT

Sylvia T. Paldhan ( wrote:
: >
: > and "libertarian", however, are clear and cogent. And telling. They place you, girlie, in a camp way away from human
: > : understanding, in a world of gobbledigook, geists, spooks and Jewish
: > : sleight-of-hand. That you take yourself seriously is beyond belief.
: > : Get yourself OUT of this NG which is about politics.
: >
: > I'd be happy to. Which newsgroup is yours? Can you prove it? This is
: > rather wildly crossposted, you know. Okay, so you're new on Usent. You'll
: > make a lot of antisemitic friends. The other ones, you should just
: > killfile (one of these devious Jewish techniques, but we don't mind
: > sharing).
: >
: > Silke
: >
: > : Albert

: Since neither my original or reply post nor her post mentioned
: anything whatsoever about anything "Jewish", unless you think Freud made
: psychology so because he was and so it ought to be implicit, I fail
: utterly to see the relevance of the remark.

That's okay. I wasn't directed at you but at Albert. It happens a lot
that remarks not meant for us seem confusing.

: I ignored it from Albert, as merely part of a ramble, but here she
: is, taking it seriously. Curious.

Sure, talking of killfiling as a Jewish technique is a dead-give-away of
seriousness. Anything else I can help you with today, Sylvia? Care to
talk about biomedicine or want to ignore the issue at hand a bit longer?