Re: terms

Sylvia T. Paldhan (
Mon, 07 Oct 1996 15:22:25 -0700

> That's okay. I wasn't directed at you but at Albert. It happens a lot
> that remarks not meant for us seem confusing.

I know it was directed at Albert, your post was to Albert. The
point you can't seem to grasp was your taking his remark as relevant.

> Sure, talking of killfiling as a Jewish technique is a dead-give-away of
> seriousness.

It was your reference to his seeing lots of anti-semitism which
said that something was taken as refering to jewishness.
Was I supposed to look at your name and decide you were? Who cares?

> Anything else I can help you with today, Sylvia?

I wouldn't consider you able to help anyone to, for or with

> Care to
> talk about biomedicine or want to ignore the issue at hand a bit longer?

Your puerile attempt to impute avoidance on the other person's
part, when it was you who had no reply to make, is further evidence of
your quality.
I find nothing about your attitude or information to respect, let
alone to seek.

"Truth is mighty and will prevail."