Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

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6 Oct 1996 09:52:33 -0600

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Theodore A. Holden <> wrote:

> (socrates) wrote:
>>Hate to interupt your diatribe with the facts but Colonialism, robber baron
>>captilism, fascism, and opium wars where all pre Darwin events. As to WWI it
>>was a war for greed pure and simple. As to racism and hate they have been
>>around for a very long time
>Learn some facts, and then worry about interrupting others with them; the one
>comes before the other.

Ted, you need to communicate more clearly than this. The one what comes
before the other what? You seem to blame Darwin's theory of natural
selection for human problems that long, long predate Darwin's birth.

If you're going to argue with scientists, you need to be willing to
engage in informed, referenced, reasoned debate. Name calling alone will
not suffice.


>Ted Holden