Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

4 Oct 1996 20:23:57 GMT

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Stephen Barnard <> wrote:
>Bob Whitaker wrote:
>> Stephen Barnard wrote:
>> > If race is a myth then it shouldn't be part of the census. Even if it
>> > isn't a myth then a case can be made that it shouldn't be part of the
>> > census.

Let's hear the argument, but on another thread. Here I am trying to find
out what it is that the race deniers are denying.

>> In case you hadn't noticed, the "anti-racists"(anti-whties) are
>> perfectly consistent about this: the white race exoists if they are
>> saying something nasty about it, it does not exist if someone is saying
>> something good about it.
>> More generally, the "anti-racists" always insist that race exists
>> when they want quotas, integration, to to chase down whites who don't
>> want to associate with nonwhites with "low-cost" housing, or white
>> majority countries which want to restrict immigration. This is all
>> "white racism" and race is pushed by them to "cure" it.
>> When it is pointed out that all their ethnic balance programs are
>> targetted at whites, suddenly the white race is impossible to define and
>> suddenly ceases to exist once again.
>> I can't believe you hadn't noticed that.

I don't see what this is in response to.

>I don't like your tone, but you probably don't care about that.
>Race is a burning, divisive issue in the US. I wish we could just put
>it behind us and get on with life, but that isn't likely to happen any
>time soon.

Well, part of the reason for race being a devisive issue is the activities
of "anti-racists." Bob is saying that "anti-racism" is directed at whites
only. Do you agree with him?

>Personally, my feeling is that racially-oriented political groups do
>more harm than good. There are serious historical inequities in race
>relationships in the US, primarily with respect to blacks vs.
>non-blacks, but I feel that group identity and special privileges based
>on race are counterproductive. There is plenty of room for honest
>disagreement, so I hope I don't get flamed as a racist.

Tell me why you think you will be called a "racist."

I fully support
>government and private action to improve education for disadvantaged
>children (regardless of race) and to retard the modern trend toward
>income disparity.

Education comes from within, not from without. No one has ever shown any
connection between education spending and education outcomes.

>Some of the most insightful thinking on this topic that I've seen is
>from Shelby Steele.

Let's hear what the man has to say.