Re: the arrogance of postmodern mumbo jumbo

mj leblanc (
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 18:48:05 GMT

In article <5318m0$>, (Gerold Firl) wrote:

>One factor which complicates the matter is the fact that pomo is
>largely a political pose adopted to enhance employability. American lit
>departments are furiously competitive, with lots of claiments vieing
>for a small number of spots. What better way for lit majors to compete
>than to invent a complex jargon behind which they can play their
>backbiting games of clique and counterclique?

And of course we all realize that absolutely NONE of this holds true among
the more "scientific" disciplines. <g>

> - gerold


Hey, this post may or may not have contained SATIRE, depending upon my mood.