Re: terms (Psychiatrists, State,Liberty and Schizophrenia)

Sylvia T. Paldhan (
Wed, 02 Oct 1996 10:58:44 -0700

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> >What if the "truth" is: A life situation in which - one finds himself
> >being the best thing since sliced bread ?????????????? Good lover
> >BMW in the 2-car garage...beloved of his company, fast tracked for the
> >top...the church elders all dote on him etc etc etc ...
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> >Naw. S.K.'s outta context here somehow
> What you've described is a well-attributed member of the herd.
> There is nothing non-herd in that analogy.
> Errol

Perhaps not, in circumstances. The place where he is off is in
attributing fear as the natural estate of man. I refer you to the
posting on the placement of eyes.

Herds are for prey animals, naturally fearful. Their eyes are set on the
sides of their heads, to swivel around searching for danger.

The wolf and the hawk have eyes set immovably straight forward, so that
they can track as they run. Not fear but the chase is the natural

The human being has eyes set immovably straight forward; morality comes
from what he chases and how and why.

Cordially, Sylvia

"Truth is mighty and will prevail."