Re: terms (Psychiatrists, State,Liberty and Schizophrenia)

Errol Back-Cunningham (
2 Oct 1996 22:32:20 GMT

In <52uc5f$> (David Lloyd-Jones)
>"Sylvia T. Paldhan" <> wrote:
>>Errol Back-Cunningham wrote:
>>> Does anyone have a reference for this:
>>> Insanity:'..Two people having a common logos, one of whom insists
>>> on a private understanding of something, and is unable to
>>> explain it to the other...
>>> I have it in some notes, but cannot remember who to attribute it
>>> to.
>>Try Frankl, Adler, and Laing.
>Frankl strikes me as pretty unlikely. Laing at his most stoned and
>solipsistic would be a reasonable possibility. Of course it means
>that everybody with more inner life than a carrot is insane.

I always thought that the definition above and the social
acceptibility of the individuals actions and the amount of money
in the individuals bank account determined whether or not the
individual was in an institution or not.