Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

William Belcher (
1 Oct 1996 13:44:20 GMT

Well, Mr. Schmidt, let's look at this claim (there was no evidence in
Chariots of the Gods, the Mysteries Continue - only an appeal to "some
scholars believe....") of Tiwanaku being over 10,000 years ago. According
to the "published" record of "some scholars" and NBC's Mysterious Origins
of Mankind, this is based on the supposed alignments of the Gateway to the
Sun - the solstice alignments don't line up unless we think that the
Gateway was built 10,000 years ago....well, that's all nice and good and
makes sense, but the thing that people forget is that the Gateway was
reconstructed after it was excavated (you don't think that all that stuff
was just sitting out there, not buried, do you?) - the crack that is in the
upper surface actually separates the Gateway into two pieces. It is a
spectacular sculpture - but the pieces were put together again and I'm
almost positive (I wasn't there) - the crew (modern Bolivians) that put it
back up were not concerned with making sure that it was back in its proper
alignment (the edict, close enough was probably working). If you don't
believe me, take a look at the photo on page 374 of Images of the Past,
T.D. Price and G.M. Feinman (Mayfield Press, 1993). So if Ihad an open mind
- I would believe that this site was 10,000 years old - but being a
skeptic, I know that the proof of this is based on a reconstructed and
probably faulty alignment - what of all the radiocarbon dates that we have
for the site and the stratigraphic sequences...well, I guess that just
doesn't matter.