Re: terms (Psychiatrists, State,Liberty and Schizophrenia)

Alex Damien (
1 Oct 1996 23:21:01 GMT

Psych WARNing for many

People must seriously think about the decision to see a counselor
or therapist for various supposed mental problems. Psychiatric nurses,
counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and
psychoanalysts are not your friends but may be friendly. This
difference of friendship
and friendliness must be recognized and considered carefully. These
people are not infallible.

Also, never yell and remain calm with people. Anger is now not
allowed and must be hidden. If that anger is expressed towards health
care officials (i.e. psychiatric nurses, social workers) they will help
punish you by taking you to the hospital. Our country has changed
within the last few years, and the impact is not generally known.
In addition, law enforcement does not only enforce the laws but
also the accepted psychology, religion and politics of the claimed

First, Do not tell any friend about any problem unless you can be
assured that they will tell no one. This friend must be
completely loyal and honorable to you. They must respect
your way in life no matter what the path.

Second, Think before telling any paid therapist (whether or not the
money comes from you) that you have thoughts of ending
your existence. In our society the philosophy from the
that Christians, Moslems and Jews believe in rules.
of this philosophical belief, the law will come after you
and take you away whether or not you want that.

For instance, in this culture if you state that you are god you will be
locked up. In India there are people that believe that they are god
not locked up. In their culture it is OK to make this statement and
stand by it. If they were to come here and say this the authorities
would ignore them. After all they would say, look at them it is a part
of that religion of theirs. The same will not be allowed for you. In
reality church and state are not separate in the US.

Third, Pursue the alternatives in health and nutrition. Read the
following books: Toxic Psychiatry, The Myth of Mental
Illness, Against Therapy, and Nutrition and the Mind. These
will educate you before jumping into the hands and mind of
an individual that will push their and not your agenda.
A therapist does not need to be told everything about your
thoughts if you want certain items to remain within you.

Your thoughts are your own, and the only truly private things in
our society. Examine your thoughts and those that you wish
others to know about. Revealing these thoughts may get you into
a situation which you do not want and have no ability to relieve
yourself of. This is not paranoia but simply the way things are
today in our nation. Our bodies are not our own when you tell
others mental thoughts about ending your life. Sovereignty of the
individual is not a recognized part of the Constitution.

Remember, get a complete physical by a physician practicing alternative
or complementary medicine; i.e., M.D., D.O., naturopath, homeopath,
DOM. The template for the mind are the biochemical reactions of the
body. Then a
diet and supplements may be added or changed. In addition, there may
be other therapies applied that are not harmful as ECT and many
psychoactive drugs are to the body and mind.

Fourth, The therapist should have some basic understanding of your
general position in life. Straights for the most part
even begin to understand Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals.
Whites cannot understand the struggles of
These circumstances are not always true but more than
often are.

You have the right to fire your therapist!

WARNING therapists are under a legal obligation to report people that
may do harm to themselves and others. It is reasonable to report harm
that would be done to others. But, the individual is not allowed full
control of their own destiny. Therefore, no therapist wants to be held
legally responsible which may include removal of license.

The therapists' first responsibility is to themselves not the patient.
Our nation's law does not recognize the individual sovereignty of
determining his or her own fate. Therapists provide service not a
friendship. Perspective must be analyzed before any words are
spoken and inner feelings expressed.

Others' contributions:

"Under Article 18 of the Uniform Mental Health Hygiene laws of the
United States code, known as the BAKER ACT, a police office, officer of
the court, psychiatrist may order a 72 hour involuntary confinement at
which time
a hearing has to be held. If found in the hearing that the individual
is a danger to themselves or others, a judge may order an additional
hold of 30 days. "

"Also, you may not be allowed to use the phone since you are not under
arrest. An attorney will not know where you are since you cannot call.
You also may not be able to refuse treatment since the people giving
it will
decide if you are competent. Remember, you cannot call anyone to get
another opinion since you cannot use a telephone."

"> Words are bullshit; actions count.
> Before doing anything, ask yourself how will this profit me?
> Do not make any sacrifices in any personal relationship before 6

months. Witness the actions of the other person."