Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
30 Sep 1996 14:45:03 GMT

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Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Stephen Barnard wrote:
: > There is a proposal to include "multiracial" as a category in the US
: > census. As I understand it, African-American and Hispanic groups
: > generally oppose this because it might erode their representation in the
: > census. But what is someone to do if, for example, they have immediate
: > Jewish, Korean, and Phillipino ancestry? Such cases are not unheard
: > of. (BTW, Jewish is not a racial category because it is "religious".)
: >
: > There is a very strong tendency toward "outbreeding" in Asian and
: > Hispanic communities, but much less so among African Americans.
: > Someone has suggested that the black/non-black distinction is the
: > only racial categorization that "matters" in the US, so that should
: > be the only categorization in the census. I don't know if I agree
: > with that, but I do think that the current form is pretty ridiculous.
: > About 45% of it is devoted to determining a racial classification in
: > some way. For example, if you are Hispanic then you are expected to
: > distinguish between all sorts of subcategories, including (quaintly)
: > "Spanish".
: >
: > If race is a myth then it shouldn't be part of the census. Even if it
: > isn't a myth then a case can be made that it shouldn't be part of the
: > census.

: In case you hadn't noticed, the "anti-racists"(anti-whties) are
: perfectly consistent about this: the white race exoists if they are
: saying something nasty about it, it does not exist if someone is saying
: something good about it.

Bobby, the "Black race" does not exist either. I don't know about
others, but I only use them for lack of a better term, and the "races"
do exist on a *social* level.

: More generally, the "anti-racists" always insist that race exists
: when they want quotas, integration, to to chase down whites who don't
: want to associate with nonwhites with "low-cost" housing, or white
: majority countries which want to restrict immigration. This is all
: "white racism" and race is pushed by them to "cure" it.

First off, quotas are simply poorly enforced Affirmative Action.
They don't belong, and I'm opposed to them. Integration- all it is,
Bob, is the legal right to everything in this country- in effect,
integration is desegregation. Nothing wrong with that. I've never
commented on immigration, and the housing issue is a burning one right
now because of a recent incident close to my home (I gotta write to a
couple of newspapers about this).

: When it is pointed out that all their ethnic balance programs are
: targetted at whites, suddenly the white race is impossible to define
: and suddenly ceases to exist once again.

Bullshit. Are you just *that* stupid, that you can't distinguish
between a scientific and a social level, Bob?

: I can't believe you hadn't noticed that.


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