Re: Head coverings

Alison Treleaven (
1 Oct 1996 16:40:03 GMT

In reply to Yousuf's comment that "people know how to dress for the
conditions of the region they are living in, they don't need a holy book
to tell them how to dress..." I wonder why it is that there
are millions of people in the Middle East who dress according to
a 'Holy Book'. These Books were the equivalent to our law
codes except they became unbreakable - why did Catholic's
eat fish on Friday for centuries. People don't need a book
to tell them what to have for dinner. As I read the orriginal question
posed by a woman who's name I have now forgotten it was about
how interesting she thought it was that so many religions
involved themselves in head wear or the lack thereof. I maintain
that it is due to practical reasons and that eventually as
we hid and covered we became more and more curious, and eventually
as these requirements became useless (air conditioned cars in Saudi)
human kind has desired to disobey this archaic law but in cases
where this is impossible he put's a moral/immoral spin on it.