Re: Gerold Firl and ethnographic data

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Mon, 30 Sep 1996 17:41:27 GMT

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>Daniel Maltz <> wrote:
>>Since neither Gerold nor Bryant seem to understand my point about
>>the inadequacy of Elman Service's _Profiles in Ethnology_ as an
>>authoritative source, I will make one attempt to explain myself.

>Disagreeing does not constitute misunderstanding, you arrogant twit.

Exemplar of Bryant's distinctive character in scholarly discourse.

>>For several years now, Gerold Firl has been posting a variety of
>>theoretical arguments, supposedly rooted in ethnographic data.

>I was simply making the point that if you ask for a reference and get
>one, you don't have a lot to whine about, so long as it covers the topic.

Unfortunately, most of what Firl assigns to this reference is wrong or
fraudulent. Most bewildering of all is your own self-affirmation of an
interest in human social behavior wedded to a decided distaste for the social
sciences literature.

>If you have counter-references, post them. All I see you doing here is
>saying "not good enough" as if that were a substantive objection to
>points made.

When you can't find substantive support for Firl's "predictions" in his own
bible what else do you need? Most of the rest of us have evidence enough of
his monumental failure.



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