Re: Creation or Evolution? You Decide :)

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30 Sep 1996 10:59:20 -0600

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> Hi. My name is Bill Morgan. I am a Registered Mechanical Engineer

Someday, as a biologist, I'm going to turn the tables on engineers and
physicists and write a critique of physical science theories. :)

>[...]This case for Creation will be built using science.

Great! What are your falsifiable predictions for a creation hypothesis?
How do you intend to test them?

>Evolution Model: What we observe today is the result of chance events
>and long periods of time. There is no design and thus no designer
>behind anything in the Universe.

It's not fair to misrepresent one's opponents in this manner. 'Dishonest.

Not a thing about supernatural entities in neo-Darwinian literature.

Further, this is a very misleading description of natural selection.
Selection, after all, does not begin and end with mutation (chance events).
There is non-random retention of traits.

That's been observed in natural and laboratory (not to mention pet and food)

> The faith that even one protein arose by chance is tremendous.
>Lets look at statistics. Proteins are made up of chains of amino

Until we know the particulars, there's no basis for a statistical
analysis of the probability of the origin of life.

>Creation Model Prediction: The fossils will be as easy to classify as
>living forms of plants and animals. There will be variation within
>forms, but no transitional evidence of invertebrates to vertebrates,
>fish to amphibian, amphibian to reptile, reptile to mammal.

What do you think about the mammal-like reptiles from the Cretaceous?
Or the fossils of feathered reptiles? Piltdown forgeries, no doubt?

:) Bryant