Re: Why ethnical jokes?

Matt Silberstein (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 16:31:10 GMT

In sci.anthropology (Sloan A Schang)

>> Also, remember that not all ethnic jokes involves negative
>> stereotypes. They can also involve a positive cultural self image.
>Is that really possible? Do you have any examples? I like to think that I
>can approach any problem with a
> holistic slant, but I'm stumped on this one.

I already responded to this with one joke, but another whole class of
jokes just occured to me. There are a whole bunch of jokes of the form
"You know you are an X when you ...". Usually these are told by
members of group X. I am sure, though I have no actual evidence, that
there are "You know you are an anthropologist when you" jokes. I am a
member of several cultural groups and know of these kinds of jokes.

And now that my mind is working I can thinks of dozens more that fit
your request. So if anyone does not get my first joke, I got a million
of 'em.

Matt Silberstein
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