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Tue, 01 Oct 1996 03:03:45 GMT

On 30 Sep 1996 14:17:43 GMT, (Alison Treleaven)

>I would be curious to know in what area Yoseph Kahn's formal
>education lies. There are a number of practical reasons for
>the requirements about head coverings as well as the sexual.
>For one thing the ancient cultures, where we first see head
>coverings are mostly in Hot dry regions. Shaving ones head
>to avoid tangled messes in the windy, sandy, deserts would leave
>a person extremely vulnerable to heat stroke.

That may have been the original reason, but it certainly isn't now. Nor was
it the reason even in the time of the prophet Mohammed, when the Koran was
supposedly written (though Koran was likely written much afterwards, but
that's another debate). The only reason for these dress codes were for

People in general know how to dress for the weather conditions of the
region they are living in, they don't need a holy book to tell them how to
dress to keep warm or cool. Dress is also, and has been for the longest
time, a social interaction device. Forget MTV, this is nothing new.

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