Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

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1 Oct 1996 02:27:25 GMT

In <> Jiri Mruzek <>
>Benjamin H. Diebold wrote:
>> I watched it last night. Another set of lies, half-truths and
>> foisted on the TV-viewing public.
>What about the spectacular shots? Were those fake?
>> Pretty disgraceful. You know, for all
>> the whining by these fantastic, "alternative" archaeologists that
they are
>> being suppressed by the establishment, they sure get a lot of
>> network air-time.
>There are several channels liike the Learning channel, which broadcast
>archaeological features all the time. So why don't you stop whining.
>Take it from me. I am a truly supressed alternate archaeologist,
>as you know.
>> At least twice in the past year the claim has been made
>> in front of a national TV audience that, for example, Tiwanaku is
>> 10,000 years old and built by space aliens. That probably
constitutes all
>> over 99% of that same public will ever hear of Tiwanaku.
>Can you prove otherwise?
>Jiri Mruzek
I can prove that it is actually made out of gorgonzola cheese. :)