Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

William Belcher (
1 Oct 1996 01:14:53 GMT

An interesting comment Lowell-

However, much of this is urban legends - Schliemann's "discovery" of Troy
is completley overblown in the popular literature - one that he himself
contributed too - remember he was a very successful businessman and very
successfully bilked the Turkish government of a large portion of their
cultural heritage - as for the Wright brothers - well, they were machinists
and the notion that people thought they were crazy is a bunch of baloney -
they were part of a large number of individuals trying to develop an

As for the other things - well, these are discoveries that can be
substantiated and examined - the notion that aliens drove all cultures to
great heights of civilizations is a non-testable notion - at least the way
von Daniken and his horde phrase it. In the 30 years since he came to the
public's eye, there has been no physical evidence that would substantiate
his claims...where are the spaceships? Why do we only have stone carvings
of these so-called weapons? Anyway, I hope that you get my point. Having an
open mind means much more than believing everything that anyone says.