Re: Head coverings

Alison Treleaven (
30 Sep 1996 14:17:43 GMT

I would be curious to know in what area Yoseph Kahn's formal
education lies. There are a number of practical reasons for
the requirements about head coverings as well as the sexual.
For one thing the ancient cultures, where we first see head
coverings are mostly in Hot dry regions. Shaving ones head
to avoid tangled messes in the windy, sandy, deserts would leave
a person extremely vulnerable to heat stroke. On the other
hand, a full head of hair, wetted and covered with what would
of necessity be a natural fiber (we are after all talking Anthropology
here) makes a marvelous air conditioner. It is my belief that
we make large mistakes if we look at all early religious requirements
and prohibitions through our MTV eyes. Most of these Peoples
were very "matter of fact" about the sex act it's self. The
Ideas of covering up were first for reasons of protection and
preservation. Later, after generations of humans had been living
without knowledge of the opposite sexes '
parts' on a daily basis
the curious mind began looking at this as a mystery and thus evolved
the desire to know. Mankind being what it is along came Lust and rape.