Re: Creation or Evolution? You Decide :)

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Sun, 29 Sep 1996 22:37:45 -0400

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> Creation vs. Evolution
> What is the Better Explanation?
> Hi. My name is Bill Morgan. I am a Registered Mechanical Engineer
> and I love science and learning about science. I have been studying
> the Creation vs. Evolution for several years and have made this text
> file to present a clear, easy to understand case for Creation. This
> case for Creation will be built using science.
> Whether you are a Christian, an agnostic, or a convinced atheist, I
> feel you should check out the enclosed information on this very
> important topic. I feel every one has a right to believe whatever they
> want. However, I think it is a shame that many people dismiss belief
> in God as "unscientific," or "superstitious" without ever hearing its
> case. I have taught several classes on this topic and a common
> response is:
> "Why haven't I ever heard this information before?"

Sorry, but we have heard every single word of your long-winded religious
tract over and over again. It's the same old ranting against strawmen,
rehashing invalid arguments about the fossil record, thermodynamics, chance,
etc., and selective misquoting of authorities.

Stick to mechanical engineering -- your ignorance of biology is appalling.

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