What's the abstract class? (was: WWW pet peeves)

Cameron Laird (claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
29 Oct 1995 05:50:04 -0600

In article <46ekcb$gvt@sundog.tiac.net>, Steve Chomicz <choms@tiac.net> wrote:
>Under construction to me means you just posted your first page and you
>probably don't know what you are doing and the page probably sucks. So
>by posting this sign people think that you will forgive them. Most
>under construcs I never return to. Much better to say "In October I
>will be adding a xxx section with info on xxx. Please return then."
"Under construction", emoticons, "I don't read
this newsgroup/My assignment is due tomorrow"--
what's the label for cliches whose effect is
the opposite of what their transmitter intends?
Disdained/deprecated apologias?

Follow-ups re-directed.


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