The Origin of The Cravat (Was: Are Ties Phallocarps?)

Joel and Lynn GAzis-SAx (
Tue, 24 Oct 95 20:03:17 GMT

There's a bit of rough history here. The necktie (as opposed to the bow tie)
was a product of Croat civilization. The neckgear which you refer to is
properly called a "cravat", which derives from the word "Hrvat" or "Croat".

I've cross-posted this to soc.culture.croatia for some additional feedback
from that group's members. They might have an answer for what purpose it
filled. (My brother-in-law thinks it is simply a useless embellishment.)

Joel GAzis-SAx

In article <46j51g$>, (Thomas Clarke) wrote:
>I was disappointed to see Fidel Castro talking to the UN in a suit
>and tie. That leaves the Arab nations as the last holdout against
>the tie.
>It did remind me of the mention in Jared Diamond's "Third Chimpanzee"
>of the phallocarp worn by Fiji(?) islanders. Sort of a giant
>colorful codpiece worn over the male penis. The wearer would choose
>size and color according to his mood. Diamond speculates about
>a connection with an instinctual response to the large human penis
>as some sort of ritual male display.
>Now if you look at a man (woman?) wearing a tie just right, you
>see a head with a giant colorful penis. Could the tie thus
>be stimulating instinctual brain centers that respond to penis size
>as a status display?
>I've got to stop reading anthropology :-)
>Tom Clarke

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