The Origin of Zero ..................Part 2..................continued from 10.28.95

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24 Oct 1995 07:14:34 GMT

THE ORIGIN OF ZERO:...My Great Grand Mother's HINDU CONCEPT:- a story
from my childhood days

One evening in the year 1948 my Great grand-mother (GGM) related her
hindu concept...........

On the 4th. day evening.

GGM came with the cane and drew circle on the sand. She said, "now you
know that God can be represented by this circle, or a smaller circle seen
by the ant, or by a still smaller one not even seen by the minute insect
'kosu', and also by the enormous circle that will cover the sun, moon,
the stars and the planets". You know all this.

Today we are going to tell the story about - Shakthi / or energy, the
power with in this circle. Oom Shakthi is the almighty power with in any
of this circle. This almighty power of God is the same minutest circle,
and in the vast big circle. So that we can understand it, let us go to
the paved floor and do the sand game that you know already.

THE SAND GAME that explained the concept of SOUL:

GGM said, "You know the game, so pick a hand full of sand, and put in the
middle or the paved floor to form a heap." She pointed to the heap and
said, You know already from the sand game that this big heap of sand you
have made represents God....Each grain represents the soul of God, the
component of God within you, within me and within each and every thing
around us.

Now, let me try to relate the Sand Game to the circle. She took, the silk
thread, and asked our cousins to make a ring around the sand heap and
then make it into a circle on the floor. Now she asked our oldest cousin
to carefully spread the white sand evenly with in the circle". GGM sat
near the circle. Like in the sand game, she took a grain of sand, called
us one by one and placed the grain of sand in the middle of the palm and
said, "this is your soul the part of God, within you. Remember always
that 'Patti(GGM in Tamil) has told you this soul always tell you to do
the riteous thing, good things only and always to tell the truth. We have
taken each a sand grain, however still the circle is full of sand
grains.These sand grains represent the souls of the people in our
village, adjoining villages, the animals, plants and all other things
that we see and we don't see in all the villages sround us. There is
perhaps many millions of sand grains spread aroun this circle. Each of
this sand grain will make an impression of its shape, if you press it in
the sand. She took a large brown pebble and presseed on the sand outside
her. She took the other end of the thread and made a ring around the
brown pebble and said this too can be made like a circle. So you see each
sand grain you have in you hand can make an impression like this brown
pebble. Each of them will become a tiny circle. You see, this sand grain
that I gave you (Your SOUL) is a tiny circle with in this large circle.
This One and only almighty God represented by the large circle has
millions of components of small circles. And he has been kind to give one
of those tiny circle to each of us as our SOUL. Almighty God is so kind.

On the 5th day evening, GGM had asked our older cousins to bring rice
flower, and brown millet (kurakkan) grain. We were seated around the
paved floor. Oldest cousin made a big circle on the paved floor with the
rice flower. Then GGM asked her to carefully add more rice flower and
make a border so that the millet can remain with in the rice flower
circle. Then she asked her to cmake a heap of the millet in the midlle of
the circle. Once our cousin made the heap GGM said, " this is like the
heap you made with sand in the sand game, but now it is with millets.
This heap is like the God in the sand game. She asked our cousin to
spread the millet evenly on all sides with in the rice cicle. Other older
cousins also assisted her. Now GGM called me, and gave me a millet
grain,and said this is your soul, and now I am going to draw you by a
straight line around the circle with this Chunam lump (a dried form of a
white lime based material used to be eaten with beatel leaves, and
shavings of arecaunut palm nut, and spices in order make the mouth smell
good and the lips look red). She drew a line vertically and asked me
to place the millet grain - my soul - in the middle where I thought my
heart will be. GGM said "this line like 1 reprsents Kutti( my pet name)
and his soulis here as one person, and you have a soul.
Then GGM called my other cousin and did the same drew another verical
line that looks like number 1 and said this represents her. Similarly she
made vertical lines to represent each of us and finally her all around
the large circle on the paved floor.
She said the large cicle represents almighty God, full of souls, and
these line represent each of us.

GGM said "God is always riteous, always good, and only tell the truth.
The part of God with in us - the soul- also wants to tell only the truth,
wants only to do good, and to be always riteous. The soul is with in our
body. Our body wants to do mischief. Let us say, you had to tell a lie.
Then the soul does not like the lie. It tells our heart, or the
conscience not to do it, but you have to tell the lie, because your
friend or brother had asked you not to tell the truth. She took the
chunam and said now this you the one person becomes two persons. One
person pulled by the soul, and the other person pulled by the attachment
to your brother or friend. God always wants you to become 1 with his
soul alone in your heart. Eventually every one has to tell the truth,
perhaps after many days to your mother, or your father.