The Origin of Zero .............. Part 3 .....................continued from 10.23.95

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24 Oct 1995 13:57:24 GMT

THE ORIGIN OF ZERO: ..My Great GrandMother's Hindu concept:- a story from
my childhood days

One evening in the year1948 my great Grand-mOther (GGM) related her hindu
..............continued...part 1.....on 23/10 and part 2.... on 24/10

On the 6th. day evening:

We were seated around the paved floor. GGM reminded us of the lage circle
being the representation for God and the milllet representing the many
million of small circles and the vertical streaks representing each of
us, and each millet on the line representing our individual Sole. When we
do somethings disliked by the Sole, then we try to follow more than one
path, each path becomes a bifurcationto the real riteous path. So we are
torn into more than one person.

The Sole always tries to become a part of the biggger circle, in order
that this can happen you have to shread all your desires, hate and many
other qualities as your Great grand father has done. It is too early for
you. But when you grow into a big men and women, have children and your
are old then you have to try to shread all your likes and dislike. Then
this line that represents you and this millet seed that represents your
sole will be one and the same. Then you, who stand like an individual (1)
will become the tiny circle, the same part that god has given you from
him at your birth. This you will not understand now, it is difficult,
Remember that GGM has told you that this is callled the STATE OF NOTHING.
This is what you have to try when you are big. But you can prepare for it
by doing good always. It is the Hindu way of life to share, to do good,

On the 7th. day evening:

GGM drew a circle on the sand and asked, "do you remember the STATE OF
NOTHING that I told you yesterday. When you follow the desire of your
sole daily, then you will come to the state of nothingness. It is like
this. She made a big circle with the rope, and said as you make it like a
circle to the ant,then when we see with our human eye there is nothing
inside. So God by this circle actually represented the STATE OF NOTHING
always. God is almighty, and is the 'shakthi' or great energy within this
circle. This circle of NOTHING, but with great 'shakthi' represents God
and defines God.

She showed to the circle and said let me define God with this circle.

"God has no begining and end, just like this circle has no begining and
no end. God is represented by the infinite minute circle and the enormous
infinity circle. Finally you have seen that this circle has nothing
inside, but at the same time embodied with lots of Shakthi or potential.
This circle fits very well in every way to represent - ZERO - a quantity
that does not exist for our naked eye. Zero is an expression of vast
potential. This representation of God or the definition of God represents
the ORIGIN of ZERO to a hindu", Great grand ma said. .

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