Re: Solving Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Lon Stowell (
20 Oct 1995 12:24:16 -0700

In article <4614n2$> (Joseph Francis Nebus) writes:
> Might I suggest, that as this thread has dragged on now since
>roughly three months before the O.J. Simpson trial started at the end of
>the Mesozoic era, and it has attracted enough loonies arguing for the
>Imperial system and enough rational folks arguing for Metrics, that it
>deserves to be given its very own special little newsgroup where the
>entire krunking debate may be taken, put into a neat little package,
>and ideally lost in the dresser somewhere?
> Thank you.

Oh you poor deluded quixotic optimist you. The trivial and useless
threads are the ones which become eternal zombies on 'da net.

Any subject of real substance can easily be beaten into submission
with the profoundly counternormal practice of simply throwing a few
facts at it.

You may wish to be cautious in your characterization of loonies
versus rationals, now that the 'dream team' is unemployed and in
search of revenue opportunities.

I for one am surprised that the entire world isn't already metric.
If the sociologists are correct in that the world's major powers
are all male-dominated cultures, why oh why hasn't the conversion
taken place already? After all the range of numbers from 15 to 25
are MUCH more impressive sounding in lounge lizard conversations
than the range from 6-10, aren't they?

Obligatory Disclaimer: Anyone taking ANY posting in this entire
thread in any serious manner is mentally deranged.