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>> I am looking for a creation myth where a blood, semen or any other
>> bodily fluid from a good is responsible for the creation of life.

>> Does this scenario really happens as a creation myth?

>> Thanks in advance.

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>> j.c.

>Yes it does, all you have to do is to look at the sumerian mythology where you
>can find a creation myth which involves semen. I think that the creation of life
>centers around Enki, the lord of the abyss, semen and wisdom.

>Just get a book about sumerian mythology... happy reading.

>Jari Kerminen
You might also look at the mythologies of many of the indigenous
peoples of America (North and South). A good primer on the North is
_Native Religions of North America_ by Hultkrantz (HarperCollins,
1987) or for Mesoamerica see _Religions of Mesoamerica_ by Dav€d
Carrasco (also HarperCollins). Both are available in paperback. See
also _Popul Vuh_ translated by Dennis Tedlock.
Good Luck!

John R.
Sedona, AZ
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